Harbourtowne Real Estate is not for everyone but you decide if it is for you. Real Estate is sales and in many instances new licensees have an extensive background in sales and the training from those years of experience serves them well in real estate. So, while the new licensee is new to real estate, they are very familiar with what it takes to be successful in a sales career. This type of person will not need extensive training but will require help with focus and direction for their new career and significant tools to assist with that effort. This scenario is where Harbourtowne Real Estate can become your greatest asset. And if you are looking to let property then you definitely need to make sure that you hire a qualified agent so that you get the best results.

Let’s look at some of the tools and then peek at the benefits— As to the tools
For your Sellers, Harbourtowne Real Estate allows its agents to negotiate their commission rates, of course for this the houses need to be in top state, including the conditions of the roofs, floors and all the doors and windows. This allows you to offer a great savings on equal service and that will catch any Seller’s attention. For your Buyers, Harbourtowne Real Estate will allow you to offer up to 20% of your commission back to a Buyer for using your services. This will certainly separate you from the pack and assist you in securing Buyer Clients. They will also update you on home loan rates and help you reach your home financing goals.

Let’s look at some of the tools and then peek at the benefits— As to benefits
Harbourtowne Real Estate offers the best commission split in real estate. Our Agents receive 85% of their gross commission and the total office fees are $300 per quarter. We provide the real estate signs and pay the Errors & Omissions insurance. We do not offer office space in the main office because we find that most people have all of the necessary equipment at a home office and in the office is not where a Realtor makes money.

We do offer one on one assistance with helping you get your career started and there is always access to the Broker in Charge with regard to questions and specific help with Client issues and execution and understanding of the agreements that a Realtor will use on an ongoing basis. So, with limited expense, Harbourtowne Real Estate allows its Agents to make the absolute most from their efforts. Just look at the numbers and compare. In your first year you gross $50,000 in commissions. You take home 85% or $42,500 less $1200 in fees = $41,300. Ask any recruiter to give you their numbers, gross less all fees & commissions. Compare that to our numbers– how do their numbers look? 

Again, Harbourtowne Real Estate is not for everyone. We do not offer an extensive, beginner training course but in many instances, people do not need training as much as they need the best opportunity. If you have a sales background, I truly believe that you do not need training, you need help with listing presentations, Buyer representation and all of the forms that are required. Many companies will tell you that they are the best because they are one of the biggest, well, let me tell you that after 26 years in real estate, companies do not make people, people make companies– they are the asset.  Harbourtowne Real Estate has been in business for 40 years and if you feel that you can operate in a sales oriented world with support and advice available as needed, then the answer to the first question is Harbourtowne Real Estate

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